recent EcoWai activity

Gibbston Valley Wine and Food Festival

For the second year running, EcoWai has proudly been the official ‘Water of the Day’ at the very popular Gibbston Valley Wine and Food Festival. Complimentary EcoWai nicely kept the hydration levels up and was well received by the 2,000+ attendees at the 19 March 2016 event. EcoWai also facilitated the collection of much appreciated and valued donations for the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust during the day.

Convenient 10ltr EcoWai ‘ontap’ carton

EcoWai is pleased to announce the expansion of its product range by now offering to its Contract Supply Partners, both on and offshore, a brand new and convenient 10ltr EcoWai ‘ontap’ carton. This product reflects great value, convenience and presents the same very high quality natural spring water rich in Silica. Perfect for domestic applications or emergency home supply, small boats, picnics, sports groups and events. The offshore focus is primarily for 100% pure spring water for apartment living and emergency supplies. New partner enquiries are welcomed.

Official water of TEDx Queenstown

For the first time, EcoWai has partnered with TEDx Queenstown as the official ‘Water of the Day’ for their recent and highly successful conference held 15 April 2016. EcoWai is excited about the prospect of broadening the partnership with TEDx generally.

EcoWai now member of Sustainable Business Network

EcoWai is proud to announce it has recently become a valued member of SBN, Sustainable Business Network, who provides an excellent platform for the networking of sustainability focused and caring entities.” The core values of SBN, reflecting Partnerships, Caring, Putting Back, Environmental and Social Responsibility all sit very comfortably with us says Barry Hillyer, Managing Director of Ecowai, given they are directly aligned to that of EcoWai”. New and exciting partnerships have already been formed as a result of the highly effective SBN structure and service.

Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust Conference

The Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust, being EcoWai’s primary trust beneficiary, held its second and highly successful conference in Dunedin, 18-20 May 2016. EcoWai further extended its already extensive support by supplying complimentary EcoWai still, natural spring water on day one for all delegates, along with a generous supply for retail sales during the event, with 100% of the profit being directly gifted to the Trust.

EcoWai also provided a generous cash donation to aid the overall success of this valuable event.