EcoWai – makes it easy

Fundraising is typically tough! If you are about to embark upon a significant fundraising campaign and are tired of raffle ticket sales or promoting ‘not so good for you’, confectionary, then give EcoWai a call and we will share with you a fabulous, fun and easy way to generate significant funds for your club, team, building project, trip or worthy community project.

To sell EcoWai as your fundraiser is to be socially responsible and promotes a healthy option. It’s easy to manage and self funding. Sales can be, and are typically, sold on a chilled bottle to bottle basis, around sports fields, event environments, beaches or where ever there is a crowd. However bulk sales for ‘home’ or ‘club’ use is also a great idea for fundraising.

Fundraising product sales options include:

EcoWai 420ml PET Bottle

EcoWai 10Litre

call EcoWai and learn more!

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