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The economical 10Ltr EcoWai ‘ontap’ is the perfect solution for thirst quenching recreational pursuits, And ensuring you are stocked up with fresh emergency drinking water at home, you never know when a disaster may strike! Each 10Ltr EcoWai ‘ontap’ dispenses approximately 40 standard 250ml drinks. It is protected from direct sunlight, insulated, and provides a safe shelf life of 2 years and beyond.

Useful applications of the 10Ltr EcoWai ‘ontap’ pack include… Apartment and residential living, Motorhome Touring, Camping, Caravan Holidays, Picnics, Beach trips, Sports Events, Functions, Boating, PLUS… Fundraising!

And, are YOU stocked, ready to handle a natural disaster? A Radio, Batteries, Torches, Canned and dried Food and a good supply of Fresh Drinking water should be on hand. A 10 Ltr EcoWai ‘ontap’ pack is an essential part of your Survival Kit.

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water for recreation & emergencies

EcoWai – 10 ltr Still
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