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EcoWai is committed to ‘putting back’ into our environment and communities. Apart from EcoWai’s own environmental qualities, ‘putting back’ is achieved through its strategic alliance with key partners who literally choose to ‘buy in to’ Ecowai’s support of selected and worthy environmental and community focused trusts.

EcoWai has carefully researched and identified trusts in need and has pledged to support them with the raising of funds through the enduring EcoWai programme.

Strategically, the gifting of funds to the chosen trust is typically undertaken directly by EcoWai’s partners, not EcoWai.

the four aligned charitable trusts are:

Putting Back

Should you or your entity be able, and wish to aid the raising of funds, for the direct benefit of any of our aligned trusts, please be assured, all the relevant stakeholders would be delighted to hear from you. Simply email… barry@ecowai.co.nz

EcoWai’s current key support partners proudly include:

THL Motorhomes

When recently approached by EcoWai with an invitation to support the fundraising initiative to assist the survival of the Yellow-eyed Penguins, we took on board their comprehensive proposal and decided to join the cause.  We recognise that we operate our business within a unique New Zealand environment, one in which our guests travel to from all over the world to enjoy. Assisting with this cause helps to ensure its sustainability and we are delighted to be able to ‘do our bit’.



The members of the Holiday Parks Association are delighted to be associated with the Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust. Our visitors, both domestic and international, truly value and appreciate natural New Zealand and we are proud to contribute to such an iconic New Zealand species as the Yellow Eyed Penguin.

Mainstay Hotels

Mainstay Hotels is very honoured to have partnered with EcoWai and to support the Yellow-eyed Penguin Trust. Our hotels are located in city and key tourist locations including Invercargill, Dunedin and Oamaru each home to the yellow-eyed penguins. Given Mainstays close connection and commercial viability to tourism we are very committed to provide a guest experience that does not adversely affect the environment. Each member hotel also knows what is good for the planet is good for their business so the opportunity to give back to clean, green New Zealand is at the forefront.

Should you believe you can, and would like to potentially support EcoWai’s aligned Trusts,
please make contact with EcoWai.

contact us

simply choose the EcoWai that is perfect for your purpose…

Putting Back