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EcoWai is undeniably some of the purest natural spring water in the world, born in pristine New Zealand

What makes it so?

Untouched EcoWai water flows directly from the Mamakau Plateau in the Central North Island of New Zealand, taking over 80 years to reach the internationally acclaimed Blue Spring, the direct and only source of EcoWai water. This natural, bubbling sustainable resource from 250m below the surface, flows at a rate of 42 cubic meters per minute and retains a constant temperature of 11 degrees celcius, year round, just as nature intended.

EcoWai is naturally rich in health-giving and revitalising Silica, soft on the palate, refreshing, luxurious, delicious and decadent. EcoWai is bottled at source and certified (Australian Bottled Water Institute Inc. – ABWI) under state-of-the-art conditions and presents a typical mineral analysis of:

Dissolved solids129

EcoWai does not contain any added preservatives or calories and is presented in BPA free packaging.

Packed in 24 bottles per carton. 420ml per bottle. The bottle tops are environmentally responsible, recyclable ‘flat tops’ – not the ‘sipper top’ which is responsible for a large source of plastic waste pollution.

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