serious about sustainability

At EcoWai, our mandate is to do the very best we possibly can by the environment, directly from within, along with educating and encouraging other stakeholders to take collaborative care and stewardship. Be assured, this is in no way lip-service, please allow us to demonstrate why.

A Sustainable Resource
EcoWai water is only and directly sourced from the world famous Blue Spring, Te Waihou Spring due to it being a naturally flowing spring source, not a manually tapped aquifer. This pure and natural spring water flows at a highly sustainable rate of 42 cubic metres per minute and equates to only 03% of the natural flow being tapped off at any one time. The balance of water flows straight back to sea, every hour, every day. The EcoWai water catchment region is recognised and respected as having the highest global ranking of Virginality. It does not get better than this!

Local Sourcing
EcoWai Caps, Labels, Cartons and Plastic bottles are all produced and sourced from within 150 kilometres of the production plants, keeping the associated freight footprint as low as possible.

Packaging & Recycling
EcoWai plastic bottles are only produced using 100% Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Content. These bottles can then be recycled time and time again, indefinitely after use.  All EcoWai bottles, caps and cartons are fully recyclable through mainstream recycling channels.

EcoWai only uses more environmentally appropriate Flat Top caps as apposed to Sipper Top caps. EcoWai plastic bottles are designed square, creating more efficient storage and freighting. Cartons are produced from 100% recycled card in the first instance, and can be recycled again after use. Cartons are printed with only one colour Soy based ink.

Putting Back
Very proudly and because EcoWai cares about New Zealand’s natural environment and its communities, EcoWai goes out of its way to “ Put Back” wherever possible, be it through apportionment of profit, seeking additional stakeholder participation and support along with gifting product for charity fundraising and sponsorship. 


Environmental and Sustainability Policy, is...