just as nature intended

Thankfully, not all waters are born equal, as all individuals have differing opinions and taste. However, it is fair to say, EcoWai, being soft on the palate, refreshing, delicious and decadent, delights the most critical of water connoisseurs.

EcoWai is particularly well-known, respected and enjoyed for its naturally high and rich level of Silica content, indeed, some of the highest in the world. This health giving and revitalising quality assists in reducing Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, is an Antioxidant and stimulates stronger growth of nails and hair. This aside, Silica rich EcoWai presents a very pleasing soft, sweet and silky like mouthfeel.

EcoWai is PH Neutral, contains a low level of Total Dissolved Solids and is sourced from an unpopulated region that has a globally recognised rating of “Superior” Viginality, given its very low level Nitrates.

EcoWai Sparkling is a true joy to drink, be it standalone or as the perfect accompaniment to fine wine or cuisine due to its “light” and gentle bubble bead and the mouthful it creates. Best poured at a temperature of 13-14 degrees celsius.

EcoWai does not contain any preservatives or calories and is presented in BPA free Rpet plastic packaging and pure glass bottles. Plus, you can take comfort knowing your bottle of EcoWai has been processed in a plant that is rated by ABWI as being in the top 5% of bottling plants in the world.

Typical Mineral Analysis. mg/L

  • Silica 77.8
  • Calcium 2.62
  • Sodium 8.52
  • Chloride 5.7
  • Magnesium 1.47
  • Potassium 3.86
  • Total Dissolved Solids <129
  • pH 6.8
  • Nitrate 0.59