an impressive journey

Born in unpopulated, clean, green New Zealand, EcoWai is undisputedly some of the purest and most beautiful, Spring drinking water in the world. What makes it so?

Untouched EcoWai Spring water naturally flows from the Mamaku Ranges in the central North Island of New Zealand. This pristine catchment area is formally recognised as being one of the highest ranking areas of Virginality in the world. This water spans an 80 year flow and filtration between initial rainfall and when it finally emerges, from the naturally bubbling, world-acclaimed Blue Spring, Te Waihou. This being the direct and only source of EcoWai water. 

Naturally flowing from its aquifer 250 metres below the earth’s surface, and at a rate of 42 cubic metres per minute,¬†EcoWai¬†retains a constant temperature of 11 degrees celsius, year round, just as nature intended.

EcoWai water is bottled at source under state-of-the-art certified bottling conditions that exceed the rigorous standards of the Australian Bottle Water Institute INC – ABWI

However, the journey is only complete upon releasing the cap of your Ecowai bottle and it finally reconnects with air for the first time in 80 years!